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Harwell Management, your management consultancy company, is specialised in HR transformation. Our team of experts works with you on organisational assignments, change management, improving HR governance, developing the employer brand, and forecasting and defining the jobs of tomorrow. Find out more about our work in the banking, financial and insurance sectors.

Organising & optimising hybrid work in a logic of continuous improvement

Support Management in changes

Digitalising processes and tools

Re-internalising key activities

Improve HR Governance

Develop talents in a dynamic way

Identify tomorrow's jobs & Recruit

Develop the Employer Brand & build loyalty

Strengthen the Human Capital dimension of CSR


The unprecedented health crisis we have just gone through has put Human Capital back at the heart of the company’s strategy : this is how the HR function has been repositioned as a strategic function, both a relay for Management and a privileged partner for Operations.



In this unprecedented context, resources have had to adapt their work organisations, which has certainly led to a tremendous acceleration in digitalisation, but also the question of support, development and experience of the employee within the company. Despite this crisis, can we retain positive opportunities for change There is no doubt that the challenges of the 2020s will continue to push HR to adapt, innovate and, reinvent itself.



The professionals at Harwell Management support all departments in their Human Resources development and transformation projects.



Transformation of the HRF

  • Develop the HRBP approach in a win-win partnership

  • Repositioning the HRF in its strategic role as an advisor to the CEO/Top Management

  • Audit HR processes, identify areas for improvement and define the levers for change

  • Improve HR governance between headquarters and the field or Group entities

  • Strengthen the HR component of CSR and acculturate the company


Evolution of resources

  • Identify new skill requirements and anticipate the professions of tomorrow

  • Build training paths adapted to the company’s needs

  • Transforming new relationships with work and tools into levers

  • Giving meaning to work, through related projects and the animation of communities

  • Training resources to meet the new regulatory requirements of the sector


New ways of working

  • Organising new working methods: flexi-work, hybrid work

  • Supporting managers in managing and leading hybrid teams

  • Adapting evaluation methods

  • Building loyalty through a renewed Employer Brand, improving the Employee Experience, strengthening the Quality of Life at Work

  • Supporting the reinternalisation of core activities for the company


Digitalisation, tools & data

  • Equip the Digital Worker and train him/her in the tools

  • Implement an LMS adapted to distance learning needs

  • Equip the HRF with a high-performance HRIS in order to automate low-value tasks and enable it to produce relevant KPIs in order to focus on data analysis

  • Mobilise and manage data (Big Data – RPA)

  • Monitor the RGPD and control the associated risks

Our added value

Our multi-disciplinary and experienced team, made up of former HR Managers and Project Managers specialising in Organisation, will be delighted to support you in your business, legal or IT HR Transformation projects. Passionate about optimising HR processes, with a strong appetite for agile methods, our consultants know how to adapt to a variety of environments in terms of organisation and staffing, while integrating the ‘corporate HR culture’ dimension specific to each organisation.

Observe, Propose, Transform and Accompany, summarise our intervention philosophy, with a view to continuous improvement in order to achieve ever greater performance and value for our clients.

And because the Human is Capital, our expertise in the banking and insurance sector gives us an excellent mastery of the problems and constraints in terms of regulatory issues and market practices, in order to best support our clients’ Human Resources.