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Harwell Management’s support.

Harwell Management, your management consultancy company, provides recognised expertise through the offer distribution and offer. It offers its expertise in process digitalisation for operational excellence, adapts services and products to new customer expectations, proposes the optimisation of customer paths and the improvement of the customer experience, the design of an omnichannel or multichannel model while enhancing the value of the branch network… Find out more about its interventions in the banking, financial and insurance sectors.

Digitalisation of your processes for operational excellence

Adapting services and products to new customer expectations

Optimising customer experiences and improving their experience

Development of proximity and intimacy between the advisor and the client

Creation of a customer-oriented culture with the implementation of associated work methods

Optimisation of sales management for financial performance


Technological developments affect all sectors and modes of consumption. Acquisition and retention strategies need to be redesigned to meet the challenges of Digitalisation.

Key players in our societies, banks must adapt to this renewal to avoid the flight of clients to new entrants in the sector; Fintech, mobile operators, GAFA, …. In this context, adaptability and agility have become indispensable qualities for transforming organisations.




The consumer, permanently connected thanks to his mobile, his tablet and his computer, is a daily user of at least one social network – he expects more interactions, a continuity of service and a greater simplicity of access as well as transparency on fees and increased speed in response to problems or requests. Its confidence is based on this level of services and the guarantee of compliance with regulations and the security of its transactions.




Our team, composed of consultants and experts, assists financial institutions and insurance companies with their issues concerning new distribution models, digital transformation, sales policy and evolving customer expectations.



Align issues with market innovations and trends

  • Understanding customer/user expectations
  • Development of an intelligent data strategy that is consistent with consumer expectations
  • Targeting innovative offers and services on the market to optimise the user experience

Design of an omnichannel model, valuing the bank branch

  • Design customer journeys that meet the expectations of their banking relationship on a daily basis
  • Internal appropriation of a new approach to customers
  • Bank branch planning and location, and digital interfaces
  • Transformation and deployment of relational models
  • Accompaniment of employees in the development of new skills and expected attitudes

Branch business model evolution

  • Reorganisation of the physical distribution model by opportunities
  • Transform of the advisor role by associating it with the approach of optimising the customer journey
  • Adaptation of the branch according to the level of service sought through optimisation of geographic placement

Our added value

With high experience in relationship transformation, distribution models, including Digital distribution, as well as a team of banking experts, we offer tailor-made support based on proven methodologies adapted to your own specific challenges.