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Harwell Management, your management consultancy company, is specialised in innovation. Disruptive technologies are revolutionising the panorama and perspectives of players in the financial services sector. Our firm assists management to take hold of the various subjects (Artificial Intelligence (AI), Open Banking, Blockchain, Robot Process Automation, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc.) in order to be the first to exploit the potential of these technologies. Find out more about its work in the banking, financial and insurance sectors.

Open Banking & API

Robot Process Automation


Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

FinTech, internal use (employees) and external use (partnerships)


With the emergence of new technologies and the exponential increase of their use in all lines of business in Finance, they will eventually be transformed, particularly in support functions.
Indeed, as mentalities evolve, the new generation of customers determine new uses. For their part, companies segment and select their customers more carefully.
In addition, financial players face continuous regulatory pressure, the environmental context and the reduction of their operational risks.
In fact, some professions will become even more valuable, others will disappear or be created. Disruptive technologies are both the actors and the means to manage this transformation.



With new competition (FinTechs, GAFAMs, TelCo…), the historical players must preserve their market shares.
To this end, they must reform their Organisation, Processes (digitisation), IS or HR components and change their working methods by freeing up time (task automation) and organising themselves differently (more sharing).

By positioning itself ahead on the implementation of disruptive technologies, financial services players will be able to take advantage of the best of this revolution.


Harwell Management provides its clients with insight into developments in banking 3.0, identification of weak signals, macro and prospective vision on their expectations through constant monitoring and regular publications.

In our collaboration with our customers, our teams deploy Innovation Approaches (inspiration – ideation – implementation) and apply innovative methods (Agile, DevOps, Design Thinking, RID…) for optimal project management. Our proximity to our clients, their businesses and sectors allows us to respond as closely as possible to their needs.

In order to cover your projects, the Innovation offer covers the development and implementation of prototypes via a business “use case” approach in order to give priority to the return on investment of the conducted projects.



Awareness raising & acculturation

  • Presentation of usage cases and underlying technologies: Benchmark on careers and partners
  • Identify and document possible scenarios relating to the valuation of innovation (pricing, goodwill, etc.)
  • Impact assessment (ROI to CT, LT, etc.)
  • Conference/Workshop/acculturation on the Benchmark and the transformations induced for organisations.

Ideation and eligibility-testing of use cases

  • Ideation workshops made to define, on the basis of a decision tree, the eligibility of use cases
  • Defining the acceptance criteria of the solution and the expectations of experimentation
  • Discussing the outcome and ideas from the brainstorming, followed by a Conference/Workshop to hand in the selected use cases + the solution criteria (round-table discussion)


  • Completion of a POC or POV with a demonstration of the solution
  • Presentation of results: Barriers and obstacles, benefits, problems encountered etc.
  • Elaboration of a decision tree to specify the eligibility of technology on the use case
  • Formalisation of a methodology for the design of POC on innovative technologies.
  • If the technology is not internally controlled, there may be a possible partnership with our fintechs for the design of the POC

Project framework

  • Preliminary study of the use case for the purpose of industrialisation
  • Development of the change management strategy

Our added value

Our 4-level support method allows us to be in phase with the challenges related to our clients’ bank 3.0, thus reducing the time period between the emergence of the idea and its actual implementation. Our expertise in the financial players’ businesses and IS as well as our complementary offer of seminars, conferences and round-table discussions are the guarantors of the success of your projects as a whole.