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Harwell Management, your management consultancy company, is specialised in digital transformation and CIO advisory. Whether it is a project relating to the alignment of your IS with new business needs, your digital transformation, open banking, the selection and integration of new Fintech and Assurtech solutions, Harwell Management will be able to respond to your requests and offer you customised support. Find out more about its work in the banking, financial and insurance sectors.

Satisfy the needs of users

Maximise the Value Delivered and Time to Market ratio

Ensure quality production at the right cost

Leadership in digital innovation

Demonstrate the operational effectiveness of the ISD

Ensure data security


The digitisation of products, services and processes is becoming widespread.

More knowledgeable, more demanding and less captive customers demand a permanent optimisation of the customer experience and calls for greater responsiveness from banks and insurance companies. New market players are pushing to further improve cost control and regulatory pressure continues to grow whilst cybercrime is exploding.


Faced with these challenges, new hosting methods, as well as progress in algorithmic and computing capacity, offer opportunities in terms of agility, economy, risk control, new sources of GNP or automation. At the same time, CIOs must establish a relationship of trust with customers and all stakeholders through an irreproachable level of security, while complying with all regulatory requirements. In addition, CIOs must respond more rapidly to market expectations and new consumption patterns. On all these subjects, CIOs are in the front line. They have never been under such pressure. Never have the stakes been so high.



We offer our clients both strategic and operational support across all the changes related to digital and information systems.



Digital Transformation

  • Market analysis of fintechs and their value-added services
  • Relationship building and benchmarkingx
  • Innovative services and coordination of implementation
  • E-learning, digital training
  • Digitalisation of banking processes
  • Implementation of electronic document management (EDM) solutions
  • Customer website redesign
  • Digital transformation of banking networks
  • Implementation of corporate social network

Leveraging Data Value

  • Optimising power processes and repository management
  • Data Quality Management
  • Methodology and organization for data governance
  • Develop advanced analytics strategies to gain competitive advantage through leveraging data capital and its analytical potential
  • Deploy solutions to improve operational efficiency through innovative uses of data
  • Build the organisation and capabilities required to execute strategies and deploy advanced analytics solutions

Operational Management of an IT Function

  • Coaching of CIO management team
  • Transition management
  • Organisation and daily management an IT function
  • Dissemination of new know-how and practices
  • Skills management, development and delivery of training plans
  • Device sizing and skills transfer

Management of the Production Activities of an IT Function

  • Management of obsolescence
  • Outsourcing opportunity study (Off-shoring, Nearshoring)
  • Fixed opportunity study
  • Management of the production environment
  • Deploying a hosting strategy (Cloud-Computing)

Transformation of an IT Function

  • IT Organisation: scoping, audit and recommendations
  • Structuring and implementation of transformation project and transition plan
  • Change management
  • Supplier management, definition and monitoring of SLAs, implementation of TMA
  • Operational efficiency approach
  • Support on internal/external communication
  • Performance Indicators, Costs, Quality …
  • Establishment of Shared Service Center (CSP)

Planning of an IT Function

  • Management of an IT budget (annual and multiannual expenses and investments)
  • Load plan
  • Process and version planning

IT security

  • Backup plan
  • Crisis management
  • DICP methodology
  • OLS management

Mapping and Architecture

  • Application mapping
  • Data mapping
  • Flow matrix
  • Architecture recommendation
  • Business Architecture Plan
  • IT Architecture Plan
  • Development of transverse standards and principles of architecture
  • Detailed high-level modeling
  • System design

Project or Program Management

  • Project organisation diagnosis (business context, organisational, functional, solutions) and recommendations
  • Leading strategic, complex and / or tactical projects
  • Management of adhesions and dependencies between building sites
  • PMO: organization of governance (RACI matrix, milestones, objectives, budget, monitoring), risk analysis, ROI, project methodologies, coaching
  • Choice of products, choice of solutions (RFI, RFP)


  • Agile project management
  • Role of Product Owner
  • Role of Scrum Master
  • Benchmark methods (AGILE versus V cycle, advantages and disadvantages taking into account wider project context)
  • Setting up a DevOps approach

Our added value

We provide exceptional professionals to support our clients across all areas of IT: production, projects and transformation, change management, planning, training, methodology and process, mapping and architecture, digital, data evaluation and security.

We have a very broad methodological background that allows us to adapt to many contexts to maximize value creation, deliver to deadlines and budgets and to increase the skills and independence of the IT teams with which we work.