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Harwell Management, your management consultancy company, is specialised in compliance and supervision. It intervenes at various levels such as for support and maintenance of high-level regulatory compliance requirements, for the reinforcement of permanent supervision mechanisms, in particular within the framework of the ECB’s single supervisory mechanism for systemic institutions, and for the development and production of efficient regulatory reporting. Find out more about his work in the banking, financial and insurance sectors.


Internal control

Risk Assessment

Operational Risk Management

Implementation of new regulations

Digitalization and automation


Regulatory developments continue to be sustained, with new obligations to be complied with throughout the year (e.g. GDPR, Basel 4, EBA regulation related to Outsourcing, Anti bribery regulation, DSP2) while implementation work continues on previously published texts (e.g. MiFID2, DAC6 or IDD). In parallel with this, the prudential supervisory system has been strengthened, and supervisory authorities continue to impose, on financial institutions and insurance companies, a great deal of vigilance with respect to compliance and control of operations.



The financial sector is operating in an environment of greater competition with many new players arriving, particularly in the payments sector. The low interest rate environment is putting pressure on incomes, and in this context, internal control and compliance functions are caught between regulatory imperatives, the need to demonstrate their utility and the need to improve their operational efficiency. Using outsourcing and digitisation as levers for optimisation, compliance and control functions must continue to use robust and clearly documented internal processes.



Our team consists of consultants with real experience in project management and transformation, as well as experts from the compliance, internal control and risk assessment professions. This dual skill set allows us to support compliance and internal control functions of financial institutions throughout their entire value chain, in consulting, implementation and business expertise.



Advisory & Diagnostics

  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Compliance device
  • Internal control governance
  • Coordination of control functions
  • PSEE control
  • Preparation and business support during supervisory inspections (BCE ACPR, AMF)
  • Audits and certifications
  • Diagnostics and benchmarks
  • Optimization of control processes
  • Training (design / deployment)
  • Regulatory watch


  • Controls Automation
  • Reporting production
  • Internal control tools
  • Data analysis
  • Fin Tech / Reg Tech / Bot / IA
  • Watch – Studies
  • Robotic Process Automation

Change management

  • Target Operating Model
  • Change Management
  • Framing
  • Project management
  • Contracting authority
  • Assistance for project management
  • Management Office project

Operational assistance (compliance, risk management, permanent control, trades)

  • Risk mapping
  • RCSA
  • Control plans
  • Realization of controls (anti-fraud, financial security, market integrity,etc.)
  • Reportings
  • Design and deployment of procedures
  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Collection of losses and incidents
  • Management of anti-fraud devices
  • Resolution plan
  • Business Continuity Plan

Our added value

We offer compliance expertise in terms of business controls, compliance, governance, and the management of regulatory relationships, and can support our clients throughout the entire value chain – from regulatory monitoring and impact analysis on operating models to operational support, including the framing and implementation of transformation projects.