Our Credentials

Our success

To offer our clients the most relevant advice, Harwell Management develops services incorporating a dual approach: quality business expertise combined with methodological know-how of management consultancy. Each service is overseen by a Director or Manager who ensures knowledge capitalisation, involving their employees in supervisory, publication and training tasks.

Our team is proud of its contribution in our client’s projects successes.

Among our company’s missions...

I LCR / NSFR liquidity ratios for a large international bank

Basel 3 standards implementation was high priority for our client so it was able to produce LCR and NSFR Ratios and static and contractual liquidity gaps in early 2012.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Business expertise in liquidity ratios/Basel 3 and expert project management.

I Implementation of FATCA regulations

A large European bank’s Capital Markets Activity

  • Harwell Management’s mission: FATCA project gap analysis and project management. Advice on the development of the Target Operating Model, as well as governance and sponsorship associated with the project.

I Sales change management for a leader in the European Long-term Rental sector

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Management of the Sales and Marketing Management’s transformation programme, assistance for the introduction of a new Customer Services telephone platform.

I Large banking group’s investment capital activity outsourcing

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Supervision and operational management of the financial, HR and legal functions related to international activities in the context of the business’s planned closure.

I Outsourcing and transfer of an international bank’s toxic assets to an ad hoc subsidiary

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Impact analysis and recommendations for the whole front-to-back-to-accounting process: from the Front Office definition of the new booking and operational migration rules, to the upgrade of the Middle and Back Office processes, and to the implementation of an accounting migration protocol.

I Implementation of scoring and decision-making tools for a new French bank

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Advice for the selection and implementation of an internal rating system based on an expert system, a statistical score and external ratings.

I Crisis management programme for a large French bank

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Preparation and organisation of two crisis management exercises in the context of the deployment of the group’s Business Continuity Plan.

I Pre-certification assistance for the Risk Management Group for a large French bank

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Support for the pre-certification of the Outstanding Quality Score for ACP IRBA approval; audit of the PD, EAD and LGD models and implementation of a target rating on entity’s international scope outside domestic markets.

I Audit of a major financial institution’s provisional system

Complete overhaul due to the Basel III, IFRS and fiscal regulations.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Analysis of the provisioning system’s maturity and recommendations for a new system.

I Benchmarking for a large French commercial bank

  • Harwell Management’s mission: External benchmarking in the context of the definition of a 3-year supply /pricing/billing plan and the producer/distributor model.

I IT benchmarking for a leading global insurance provider

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Auditing and recommendations for a central IT business.

I Operating efficiency for a leading Consumer Credit institution

Pooling two recovery platforms as part of a group level initiative to improve Business Efficiency.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Feasibility Study for the merger of the establishments’ two recovery departments; analysis and detailed comparison of the organisation, activities, and performance of the two departments; and development of an integration action plan.

I Change management within an entity dedicated to infrastructure in a large French bank

Transformation Programme.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Definition of a new operating model and project management of the outsourcing and relocation aspects of the project.

I Payables/Receivables for a Trade Finance subsidiary

In the context of the development of the supply chain, with the implementation of global solutions (Organisation and Tool) for the treatment of “Payables/Receivables”.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Project management and coordination.

Since its creation, Harwell management has offered its clients a management consulting service with a commitment to results and the use of success fees. The company intervenes in projects requiring extensive business or functional expertise, strong experience, proven methodological approaches, as well as a dedicated team, to meet specific and clearly defined objectives. The company also intervenes to provide operational support (business, functional or organisational) within complex or technically challenging contexts.