Our success

Our success

Harwell Management’s team is proud of its contribution in sharing the success of many projects with its clients.

Among our company’s missions...

I Programme on a large international bank’s liquidity

Our client prioritised the implementation of the Basel 3 standards so it was able to produce the LCR and NSFR Ratios and the static and contractual liquidity GAPS in early 2012.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Business expertise in liquidity ratios/Basel 3 and basic and advanced project management.

I Implementation of FATCA regulations

A large European bank’s Capital Markets Activity

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Auditing and composition of the FATCA project. Advice on the development of the Target Operating Model, and governance and sponsorship associated with the project.

I For a leader in the European Long-term Rental sector

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Management of the Sales and Marketing Management’s transformation programme/Advice and assistance for the introduction of a Customer Services telephone platform developed from scratch.

I A large banking group’s investment capital activity

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Supervision and operational management of the financial, HR and legal functions relative to international activities in the context of the business’s planned closure.

I Externalisation and migration of an international bank’s toxic assets to an ad hoc subsidiary

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Impact analysis and recommendations for the whole front-to-back-to-accounting process: from the Front Office definition of new booking and operational migration regulations, to the upgrade of the Middle and Back Office processes, and the implementation of an accounting migration protocol.

I Implementation of scoring and decision-making tools for a new French bank

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Advice for the selection and implementation of an internal rating system based on an expert system, a statistical score and external ratings.

I Crisis management programme for a large French bank

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Preparation and organisation of two crisis management exercises in the context of the deployment of the group’s Business Continuity Plan.

I Within the Risk Management Group for a large French bank

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Support for the pre-certification of the Outstanding Quality Score for the passage from the ACP for IRBA approval; audit of the PD, EAD and LGD models and implementation of a target rating on the entity’s international scope outside domestic markets.

I Audit of a major financial institution’s provisional system

Complete revision due to the Basel III, IFRS and fiscal regulations.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Analysis of the provisional system’s maturity and recommendations for a new system.

I Within a large French commercial bank

  • Harwell Management’s mission: External benchmarking in the context of the definition of a 3-year blueprint on offer/price setting/invoicing and the producer/distributor model.

I For a leading global insurance provider

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Auditing and recommendations for a central IT business.

I For a leading Consumer Credit institution

Pooling of two recovery platforms in the context of the Business Efficiency plan launched within the group.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Study of the possibility of merging the two establishments’ recovery departments; analysis and detailed comparison of the organisation, activities, specificities and performance of these organisations; proposal of an action plan.

I Within an entity dedicated to infrastructure in a large French bank

Transformation Programme.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Support for the definition of a new industrial model and management of the externalisation and relocation work.

I For the Trade Finance subsidiary

In the context of the development of the supply chain, implementation of a global solution (Organisation and Tool) for processing “Payables/Receivables”.

  • Harwell Management’s mission: Project management and coordination.

Since its creation, the company has chosen to offer its clients a service based around management consultancy in the context of missions with a commitment to results and success fees. The company takes on missions requiring business or functional expertise, extensive experience, proven methodological approaches, a dedicated team, and a specific objective. The company also mobilises its employees on operational support missions (business, functional or organisational) within a complex or technically significant context but not always requiring commitment to the result.