Risk Management

Risk Management

I Harwell Management’s Risk Management service enables its clients to develop a cross-discipline and consolidated representation of their future risks and to assure operational alignment with their global strategy

Harwell Management’s professionals help companies to define an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy, which is as comprehensive as possible.

By supporting risk management teams in a constantly evolving regulatory environment, Harwell Management develops targeted responses with its clients with regard to regulatory obligations, financial risks (outstanding credits, liquidity, shareholders, etc.) and operational defence procedures (operational risk, internal management, etc.).

Today, Risk management should be at the heart of any organisation so as to strengthen the company’s safety and image. To do this, in addition to legal and regulatory matters, Harwell Management helps its clients to anticipate the strictest regulatory changes resulting from regulations in place (Solvability II, liquidity ratios, Basel III, IFRS, Financial Safety Law, modified CRBF 97-02, etc.).

Harwell Management’s professionals are involved in auditing, measuring, managing, controlling and steering banking risks. They support their clients in their projects to reorganise and improve processes at different management levels, periodically and constantly, as well as in the management of new liquidity and capital constraints.

Harwell Management provides a comprehensive solution covering all of its clients’ risks: financial (market, credit, liquidity, etc.), operational, technological and fraud risks.

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