Organisation & Change Management

Organisation & Change Management

I Strategic thinking on new revenue-sharing models

In a movement accelerated by the crisis, the transformation of organisations for all financial players is supported by strategic thinking on new revenue-sharing and operational efficiency models in the constant search for process security and cost management.

Our clients are often advised about the choice of their future strategy and mature in their daily operational management. Yet, the main obstacle to the success of organisational change is making a good transition between global strategy and operations. This so-called “conversion” stage is decisive in connecting the strategy to operations.

Harwell Management’s added value is being able to offer specific support during this conversion stage, which integrates all the economic, human, organisational and technological components so as to enable an operational alignment, which is perfectly suited to the company’s global strategy.

Our company helps its clients with an in-depth and objective analysis of their organisation and processes: launch, transfer or decline in business, launch of new business, operating model definition, pooling of support functions, externalisation, process overhaul, and the redesign of responsibility loops and organisational charts, etc.

We also capitalise on our teams’ business know-how in addition to our methodological expertise, in order to:

  • Respect our clients’ “business vision” and Management expectations as closely as possible
  • Exploit the growth synergies and replicate good practices
  • Better understand problems and operational requirements
  • Share expertise and experience of operational situations