IT Governance

IT Governance

I Harwell Management’s IT Governance Function service supports companies in assessing and transforming their information system in a general context of cost reduction and global competitiveness

More than ever, it appears that the IT Function needs to constantly increase its added value in its relations with its internal clients, and in its ability to respond favourably to the Directorate General’s requirements.

Harwell Management’s professionals support decision-makers and managers to define or sustainably and perennially develop their IS organisational model whilst avoiding costly investments and value destroyers. Today, the transformations completed in the last 30 years, which have lead to major gains in productivity and a strategic repositioning of the company’s IS function, must be focused on the optimised management of information analysis.

Management is facing a growing influx of heterogeneous data, which slows decision-making down. Scalable and flexible architecture, clearly-established governance of functions and players, secure and mature processes, externalised solutions without reducing customer relations management, the application of a strict regulatory and policy-related framework, are all challenges facing our clients today in order to guarantee the sourcing, processing and management of reliable and relevant information.

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