Business Efficiency & Cost Cutting

Business Efficiency & Cost Cutting

Harwell Management offers its clients an operational optimisation approach that covers all the value chain’s processes (front-to-back-to-accounting).

I Harwell Management works with decision-makers in terms of strategic organisational analysis but also with regard to understanding operational impacts

Harwell Management professionals respond to the problems they are facing, using a global approach to redefine macro-processes and through recommendations for improvement at the highest-end of the process.

Our knowledge of the production and management processes is…

  • constituted of our feedback from complex process overhaul projects
  • strengthened through our targeted recruitment of business and cost reduction experts (overheads…)
  • completed by our training and sharing of in-depth knowledge on “CIB, Retail, Specialised Financing, Insurance” problems and our methodological expertise (Lean Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, HOSHIN, PDCA, the 7 Mudas…).

Our expertise means we can support our clients in their approaches to optimise their business efficiency:

  • process review and reorganisation
  • regulatory and internal compliance (e.g.: business continuity plan, crisis management, operational risk management)
  • process management
  • reduction in costs, delays (e.g.: fastclose), resource optimisation.

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