Newsletter Chromatique

Newsletter Chromatique

I Chromatique : shedding light on the Banking, Finance & Insurance sectors by Harwell Management

Consulting is a field that is constructed over the long-term thanks not only to shared success, but also to relationships based on trust.

We at Harwell Management are committed to meeting with our clients as often as possible in order to better understand their issues and anticipate their needs.

To know one another is to meet, share and exchange ideas regularly.

In order to reinforce this link with our clients, Harwell Management introduced its biannual newsletter in 2014.  Entitled Chromatique, this newsletter is composed of a current affaires bulletin, an interview of a director in the Banking and Financial sectors, a second interview with a figure from the academic or regulatory sectors, as well as a rubric decrypting a central theme addressed in each issue.

I Chromatique N°2, January 2015

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I Chromatique N°1, July 2014

vignette_chromatiqueA panorama of Operating Models of the principal Corporate and Investment Banks