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“Meaningful” partnership

We always focus on privileged exchange with our clients to help them address new regulatory and organisation requirements. Our “duty to advise” is based on one key principle: “listen to our client and mobilise a team fully dedicated to their project”.

I A “club” culture

Joining Harwell Management is special: being part of a company organised like an actual “club”. Becoming member means sharing the same vision of management consultancy and the desire to actively contribute to the company’s success. Our operating model – small expert teams – fosters this “club” culture and means greater agility, from the design of our solutions to their implementation.

“Our expertise is the core of company’s organisation”

Our company culture is based on a model of sharing expertise and meeting our commitments. Leading by example, our partners aim to promote close relationships and full sharing between company’s employees. They are responsible for the solutions we offer our clients. The management is less about hierarchy and more about involvement. Our belief is that our employees’ success is closely linked to our company’s success.

I “A relentless search for the best approaches”

Our company is a member of several professional organisations:

Club des Pilotes de Processus (Association of Process Managers)

Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA)