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Harwell Management is a premium European management consultancy group exclusively dedicated to the financial industry, with offices in 4 countries (UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland) and 200+ employees. Our company has been selected by The Financial Times as one of 1000 Europe’s fastest growing companies in 2018. Our clients are international leading banks. Fast growing, we offer many varied opportunities and a unique career boost.

This present job offer is about Consultant to join our Quant Management practice.

As a Consultant, you have access to a range of assignment: Quantitative Research, Risk Management, Bank Strategy review, Organisation and Models design, high level Project & Change Management.


Your Role:

Your role will be to work with the Quantitative Management team to perform assignments, within our clients organisation, precisely their Front Office, Research or Risk division.

We offer varied opportunities and assignment themes, from analyst to senior positions, as follows:

  1. Quantitative Research & Support for Trading
  2. Data Science
  3. Risk Model & Risk Management
  4. Strategic project management

Quant Assignments, example of Assignment & related Roles

Front Office Research for Trading:

  • You will perform fundamental/quantitative research and implement these ideas into the investment strategies and to help maintain/develop the quantitative processes.
  • You will research and evaluate new ideas, incorporating these ideas into a quantitative-based portfolio, and programming algorithms.
  • You will be asked to improve upon existing quantitative processes as well as to perform special projects and research.

Risk Model Project:

  • Lead model validation projects
  • Understand business processes and portfolios associated with model use, and the nature of model use within those processes
  • Asses the methodologies and processes used by modeling teams to develop and manage their models, and identifying potential risk and the associated materiality of the risk
  • Benchmark model methodologies and performance by specifying and managing the development of alternative models
  • Provide constructive and actionable solutions to model issues identified

Data Science Projects:

  • Generate investment-related ideas through sourcing and researching large novel datasets such as transactional data, client data, financial data set,
  • Create models using Machine Learning, Big Data and Statistical Models for Front Office or Risk Management use.
  • Developing rules for the extraction of data and the creation of machine-driven content using various proprietary and third-party scripting and natural language processing languages.
  • Implement data science models to generate investment signals for Equities Fundamental and Quantitative Investment Teams.
  • Enhance key business processes through researching and implementing data science models.
  • Research quantitative topics for The Quantitative research Group
  • Manage the data acquisition process

Strategy related assignments (Senior role):

  • Using strategy formation approaches to facilitate the definition of business strategies through working with relevant stakeholders.
  • Research initiated to address gaps in knowledge relating to a specific business issue

Change Management related assignments (Senior Role):

  • Creation of the business case for initiatives being considered, with the aim of concluding on the potential value add / cost-benefit analysis of embarking on that initiative.  (Encompasses financial analysis, definition of business drivers, assessment of risks etc. To be used by the appropriate governance forum to decide whether to progress with an initiative / decide between options)
  • Advisory to the Steering Committee for projects / programmes of work with the aim of ensuring successful delivery and maintenance of strategic programme objectives

Other Internal projects:

  • Facilitation of workshops for different teams / business groups within Harwell Management
  • Participation to Knowledge Management, internal projects and RFPs.

The role will involve:

  • Working in a team,
  • Delivery of consulting assignments, under the supervision of a more senior member of the team


Recognized expertise in the financial sector and knowledge of the banking sector:
A PhD, or Masters with equivalent work experience:
A PhD, or Masters with equivalent work experience:
Understanding of banking and best practice, gained through experience of working in, or interacting closely with, a consultancy environment:
Experience of using, developing and adapting Quantitative models, techniques and languages:
Experience developing models in the appropriate language (SAS and C# for Credit or Counterparty Models, Python, R, Matlab for Market models, Python, Stata, Latex, Gretel for Data Science Models, C++, SQL for general quant subject matters):
For Data Science, solid background in machine learning, statistical analytical techniques, quantitative science research or experimental physical science:
For Trading, experience in building libraries or algorithm:
For Risk Management, experience in reviewing models, for Credit, Counterparty or Market perspective:

Job’s context:

Paris, London or Geneva based opportunity:
Europe mobility possible if applicant wants to:
Various career programmes offered:
Entrepreneurial mindset, fast promotion, unlimited ascension based on merit:

Your assets:

Appetite to learn

Team player

Positive mindset

Good presentation and communication


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